Syann van Niftrik





My work draws freely from my environment without being
The materials are where the embodiment of an idea takes hold.
It is the possibilities inherent in the material and the making
process that interests me and I like this to be discernible.
I consciously keep the methods simple in order to leave room for
elements of my subconscious, and the response of the viewer, to take
This, together with the need to make a piece that sits and moves
comfortably with the body, is what I seek to do.

Trained in Ceramic Design at Johannesburg College of Art 1965-1968, followed by 3 years designing for the architectural cladding industry in Johannesburg.                          Jewellery became my focus in 1972 and through working in Amsterdam with various atelier, I learned and gained skills that I continue to build on today.                            Having spent time in the Netherlands and France, I came to Britain in 1979 where I now live and work at home in the New Forest.






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