When opportunity presents itself…

Sometimes an idea lies like a seed, waiting for the right moment to germinate. Here Nick Barberton describes how he had a piece waiting, clear in his mind’s eye, until he found the right material to realise it.


Monkey puzzle wood.

A couple of months ago, a friend tipped me off about a Monkey Puzzle tree that was being taken down nearby. I went round an bought a main bit of the trunk from the tree surgeons. We put it on my trailer and brought it home.

A couple of weeks later I found the time to turn three bowls from the wood. I have been wanting to turn Monkey Puzzle wood for some time ever since seeing another turner’s efforts, and feeling that he had missed the plot a bit and I could do better. I felt that if one could keep the ring of knots running along the bowl from the centre right to the perimeter, without losing the shape then it would look fabulous and remain stable.

These are the largest, the second largest and the smallest from the trunk. There are probably another eight to go, if they sell at our open studio next month, I will make more, but I am making chairs again and preparing the boat for Toberonochy.

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